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About Apex Measurement Systems

Apex Measurement Systems is a leading process analytical and quality control supplier. We place value on working with engineers and chemists who are focused on quality, process optimization, standardization, and automation. 


Additionally, Apex offers quality, attention, support, and guidance through product selection, analytical feasibility, configuration, design, training, installation, and service.  Apex has the knowledge and experience to deliver profit-driven applications that meet your bottom line.


Through seamless integration and non-disruptive installation, Apex assures minimal

impact to ongoing plant operations.

Industries Apex Serves
Large Area Coatings
Apex has the tools to measure consistency in the application of Thin Films and Coatings for both presentation and functionality.    
Hydrocarbon Processing Industry
Proven analytical solutions for a wide variety of solid, liquid, gas phase applications.  Organic and
Chemical Industry 
A broad array of products and markets are well understood.  Fine chemicals, polymers/plastics, polyols, surfactants, inorganic/organic.
Paper and Packaging
Apex offers measurements in coat weight, coating thickness, lamination and moisture to ensure repeatable results in paper production. 
Minerals and Mining
Measurement of a broad range of raw materials, industrial minerals and feedstocks.  Elemental and compositional.
Food Processing (Edible Oils)
Creation of edible oils requires measurements to reach a standard and consistent viscosity. This includes color, density, texture, and acid value.

Areas of 


SCS Design
Spectroscopy Solution

Sample Prep for all

Modeling and Chemometrics Expertise

Laboratory, At-Line,
On-Line, and Remote Analytics

XRF, UV, Vis, NIR, IR 
Measure Systems

Systems Integration Expertise



Apex Services

Apex specializes in a variety of analytical platforms, committed to meeting market

demands for consistent measurements using many applications with calibrations:

  • Repeatability - Stable Analytical Platforms

  • Reproducibility - Presentation and Consistency

  • Calibration Expertise

  • Reference Material Knowledge

  • Method/Calibration Transferability

  • Maintenance Programs

  • HMI Platforms

  • Applications Knowledge Base

  • Application Support

  • Proficiency Training

  • Calibration Standards, CRMs

  • Calibration/Modeling

  • In-line Consultation

  • Sample Preparation Assistance

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Parts and Repairs


Apex Training Opportunities

Apex recognizes that proper training of employees is a baseline requirement for accurate readings for an overall seamless operation. Through these training programs, field engineers and technicians can gain keen insight into how the best accomplish consistency and reproducibility. The Apex training platform delivers proper knowledge of materials, applications, calibrations, and data analysis. These training opportunities are scheduled twice per month and are facilitated by Principal Technologist, Robert Sherman.


Robert Sherman is an ISA Life Fellow (2002) for Design/Sales of Process/Hazardous/Toxic Analysis and Code-compliant Emergency Alarm Systems for Process & Industry Consulting Technologists' Ideagroup (serving distinguished clientele since 1986).


Robert Sherman is Co-Chair of the Scientific Board of the 2018 IFPAC conference. 

On-Line Analyzers

This course reviews the knowledge and skills required to both specify the most popular process control and emissions analyzers, and to understand the sample conditioning technologies to adapt these analyzers to continuous processes.


Sample Conditioning

This course enables the student to understand basic Sample Conditioning System principles and technologies to provide a component-level design in Legacy or Modular (ANSI/ISA76) formats. 


Analyzer System Design Overview

This course reviews the technologies involved in both a basic process control system and a basic continuous emissions monitor system (CEMS). These technologies include Sample Conditioning, Analytical Methods, Networks for Signal Transmission.


Contact us at


for more information on course availability and registration 

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Apex Products

Apex is proud to work in partnership with three companies; Zeiss Spectroscopy, Fluxana, and Rigaku. Whether it be state-of-the-art coating technologies to further enhance the properties of glass and increase functionality, or supplies to facilitate measurements of raw materials, Apex stands by the specialized work of these companies.


Zeiss Spectroscopy, a division of Carl Zeiss AG, is a German scientific instrument manufacturer of optical systems, industrial measurements, and medical devices, founded in Jena, Germany in 1846. Zeiss is a strong player in Coatings, Chemicals, HPI, Food and Agriculture and can provide on-line moving samples by precision measurements.  


Fluxana’s headquarters is located in Bedburg-Hau in the Lower Rhine area of Germany. Fluxana’s focus is on application support, Research and Development of new testing methods for XRF and ICP-OES support and services. This includes Mining/Minerals, Glass, Ceramics, Materials Engineering, and Metals.


Rigaku Corporation is an international manufacturer and distributor of scientific, analytical and industrial instrumentation with a focus on XRF and on-line, real-time XRF analysis. Rigaku supports measurements in Chemicals, HPI, Coatings, Plating Baths, Lubricants, Steel (Slag), Used Oils, Additives in Lubricants, Environmental, Pharmaceuticals with contract labs.

Rigaku is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with laboratory facilities in both Japan and the United States. 

ZEISS Spectroscopy - Solutions from UV to NIR

With a strong history of providing solutions, Zeiss constantly advances the world of optics and helps shape technological progress.

Zeiss is a supplier of globally recognized companies. Our vast product line enables us to find the solution best suited for your needs.

Zeiss products are tailored to the individual processes of its customers. By doing this Zeiss can provide specific solutions for individual applications and thereby create essential benefits in efficiency and process stability. The goal of Zeiss is to enable its customers to use identical spectroscopic methods and apply them uniformly whether in laboratories, clean rooms or industrial environments.

From windows and windshields to thin-film solar cells, from displays to headlights and lenses, glass is one of the most versatile, practical and stylish materials available today and has become an indispensable part of our daily lives.


Apex with Zeiss can provide accurate measurements for the following ThinProcess Glass and Glass-related sectors:



Optical glass
Measurement of optical components:  filters, lenses, and spectacle lenses.

Float glass
In-line and at-line measurement solutions for determining reflection, transmission, and color.

Architectural glass
In-line and at-line measurement solutions for determining reflection, transmission, and color of the coating.

Container glass
Measurement solutions for determining reflection, transmission, the color of bottles, vials and raw materials.

Automobile glass
In-line and at-line measurement solutions for determining reflection, transmission, color and layer thickness of the coating.

Coatings on monitors, CRT, TFT
Special systems (automatic or manual) for measuring during the production process.


Web/Reel to Reel

In-line and at-line measurement;  reflection, transmission, thickness, color, moisture.

To see more about Zeiss Spectrometers

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Supplier for XRF Application Solutions and Sample Preparation

Fluxana is a partner for professional applications in x-ray fluorescence analysis. From the first basic steps to the most difficult problem, Apex, with Fluxana, supports you with a wide range of products and comprehensive knowledge. 

The standard materials form the basis for every XRF application.  Often, no appropriately-fitting standard for the application is available.  Fluxana has developed a special method to create customer specific standards on glass, cellulose, and polymer bases. The result is a wide variety of single- and multi-elemental samples which can be used for calibration and developmental purposes.


All of Fluxana's standard calibrations are developed in on-site laboratories.  Fluxana accepts client test samples for evaluation in their laboratory and can work with the client to develop new methods of installment.


All application packages below are operated in the Fluxana laboratory under ISO 17025 conditions, making it easier for the customer to obtain their own ISO 17025 accreditation.

The Vitriox Electric has fusion technology and is used to prepare samples to be analyzed with an X-ray fluorescence instrument.

  •  Fully Automatic 

  •  Highest Precision 

  •  Full Microprocessor Control 

  •  High-Temperature Control 

  •  Works with all Common Flux Mixtures

  •  Compatible with Vitriox Gas 

The fusion technology is used to prepare samples to be analyzed with an X-ray fluorescence instrument.

  • Cold-to-Cold Automation

  • Touch Display and USB port

  • Full Microprocessor Control​

  • Storage of Multiple Application Settings

  • Storage of 10 Different Fusion Programs

  • Safety Housing

  • Optional ICP/AAS and Peroxide Stations

Precise analysis of routine samples in XRF demands pressed pellet sample preparation. To meet that need Fluxana has developed a wide range of sample presses to fit the specific needs of each testing parameter.

To see more about Fluxana products



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