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Process Analyzer Sample-Conditioning System Technology: Conventional & Modular (ANSI/ISA-76) Systems


Length: 3 days
CEU Credits: 2.1
Course Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm




This course will enable the student to understand basic Sample Conditioning System principles and technologies to provide a component-level design in Legacy or Modular (ANSI/ISA76) formats. These Sample System components will include probes, transfer lines, filters, coolers, pumps, flow control and measurement, materials, electrical hazard ratings for enclosures, and climate control technologies, component sequence, lag time, dew point, bubble point, and troubleshooting simulations.


You will be able to:

  • Recognize the practical aspects of Sample Conditioning System component selection and design.

  • Describe the relationship between Process Conditions and Sample Conditioning requirements.

  • Decide which technology [Legacy (conventional) or Modular] to apply in designing your Sample Conditioning System.

  • Troubleshoot a basic Process Analyzer Sample Conditioning System.


You will cover:

  • Legacy (conventional) Components: Probes, Transfer Lines,  Coolers,  Pumps Flow Rate-Measure and Control,  Pressure-Measure and Control, Materials-Enclosures, Electrical Hazard Rating-Enclosures, Climate Control

  • Modular (ANSI/ISA-76.00.02-2002) Components: Basic Substrate Technology, Third Party Component Availability

  • System Design: Component Order, Calculations, Exercise, Typical Examples


General Course Goals


Describe basic Legacy Sample Conditioning System technology:

  • Design principles

  • Component selection principles

  • Legacy vs. Modular formats


Design a basic Legacy Sample Conditioning System:

  • Gaseous sample format

  • Liquid sample format


Identify basic modular Sample Conditioning System technology:

  • Review an actual system: drawings, design basis, hands-on experience.


Lab and Classroom Exercises:

  • Classroom presentation by a 45+ year experienced ISA Fellow who is an internationally recognized Process Analyzer System design and commissioning expert.

  • Configure a basic Sample Conditioning System in Legacy or Modular format for liquid or gaseous samples.

  • Observe the construction of a Modular Substrate Sample Conditioning System.


Classroom Materials (provided):

  • Spiral bound MS PowerPoint notebook of Lecture Slides.


Course Prerequisites

  • Students Should Have a job in process analyzer maintenance.

  • One (1) year of High School Chemistry.

  • ISA CCST Level 1 personnel would benefit significantly from this course.



Additional Materials Available:

Wiley Interscience text for sale through Apex Measurement Systems:

            "Process Analyzer Sample-Conditioning System Technology”  by Robert E. Sherman, 2002.

(AP03P v1.0)

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